Thursday, 23 February 2012

1 Tip to see a beautiful world

What can turn a gloomy day to be a wanderful day? What can make you be fascinated? What can increase self-motivation? and what can turn the normal world to be the beautiful world?

An answer is "Positive thinking." If you don't believe, I will show you how it works.

Positive thinking can release stress

When you face some difficulties, you can feel better easily, just you change the way of thinking.
For example; everyday you have to get on a skytrain to go to work, one day the skytrain has a problem and stop on the way to the other station. You cannot get off and you don't know when the skytrain will move again.

You are going to be late. You have a lot of things to do and you must finish all of them within today, etc. Then you will gradually upset and finally it may blow up.

However, if you stop thinking about your problem and look around. You will see that it is not only you who stuck in the skytrain. Many people also face the same situation. So you are not alone.

Maybe some of your colleagues are in the same skytrain as you. So your boss may understand you.

The situation may be bad for you but it is not the worst case. You may think that at least you do not have a bad stomachache and need a washroom immediately. So it is still OK.

However, If you also have a bad stomachached when the skytrain stucks! I'm sorry, that is too difficult for positive thinking.

Positive thinking can make you be fascinated

If you are able to see anything in positive way, you will be one of the most fascinated person. People will love to talk with you, be opened-mind to you, and rely on you because they feel relax and happy to be with you.

Please think about someone who makes you feel warm and comfortable, or someone you think of when you face some problems, or someone who can make you laugh even he or she is under a difficult situation. Do you think what kind of person they are?

Positive thinking can increase self-motivation

I can proof it with my own experience. I'm from Thailand. I come to Vancouver to study English. Every month I start to study new classes. There was a classe that I think it was difficult for me. I felt that I was the weakest in the class, I knew very few vocabulary comparing to my classmates and I didn't understand a teacher's questions. I almost gave up and changed the class.

However, I thought if I felt I was the most stupid student in the class, I meant I had a chance to learn more than the others. So I went on studying, and learnt a next lesson in advance. Finally, I was happy with this class, and my result of evaluation was not so bad. Moreover, I got a lot of knowledges and vocabulary.

I think it is a right decision that I didn't throw away such a good opportunity.

You see? Positive thinking can make your life beautiful, and then you can see your own beautiful world.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hi everybody!

Welcome to the travelling into the horizon! Let's enjoy exploring the world or people with an optimistic point of view. Start from the park beside your house, you may find something that you always overlook.

Do you know? While you are walking along a street, somebody may be looking at you behind the tree....

Like this!!!
I found this pretty squirrel on the way to English bay. It seemed like it was looking at me. It stayed still when I took a photo like it was wondering what I was doing.
In my opinion, Vancouver is one of the most peaceful places because people and little animals can live together.